The Gregory's Story.

Gregory Williams, Founder and Owner of Gregory's Gourmet Desserts was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He came to the San Francisco/Bay Area as a teenager, later attended and graduated from Sonoma State University with a Marketing Degree.
Gregory’s odyssey began with his love for sweets.

He was a fan of Le Petite Boulangerie’s apple strudel cheesecake and would daily purchase a slice. Later Gregory discovered that they no longer carried the item, so he decided to create his own.  His demand for a slice of Le Petite Boulangerie’s apple strudel cheesecake is what sparked a passionate journey into baking. In the late 80s

Gregory’s business began with merely a doodling image, three months later Color Me Plump Cheesecakes was born, which later evolved into Gregory’s Gourmet
Desserts. Gregory had no prior experience in baking. Armed with a cookbook received from a friend, he bought a cheesecake pan, and garnered his first customer all on his first try. And the rest is sweet

Dessert history......