The Gregory's Story.

Gregory Williams, Founder and Owner of Gregory's Gourmet Desserts was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He came to the San Francisco/Bay Area as a teenager, later attended and graduated from Sonoma State University with a Marketing Degree.

Gregory has always had a love for sweets.

He was a fan of Le Petite Boulangerie’s apple strudel cheesecake and would purchase a slice daily. Then one day they stopped making it.  So what do you do when you cant buy what you need?

He made one himself and so sparked his love for baking and with a hand drawn image three months later Color Me Plump Cheesecakes was born which later became Gregory’s Gourmet Desserts.

Gregory had no prior experience in baking. Armed only with a cookbook a cheesecake pan, and a gleam in his eye his dream was born and the rest as they say is 

Dessert history......